Thursday, September 19, 2013

It's Dirty. It's Sexy. It's Money for the Smallies!

Just a quick update from today as I'm headed to Idaho for 8 days to fish Henry's Fork. Just so much to do and so little time! GAH! So, I decided to go fishing to prepare myself for the fishing trip ahead. Sounds great! : )

I went to Bass Pro and met a guy named Quinn who tied an awesome looking fly. He had no name for it but I bought a few that he tied and replicated them. After today, for the amount of big smallies I caught, I dubbed it Dirty Sexy Money.

The front is dirty, the middle is quite sexy, and that awesome hook that used to be red....well, that's the money right there! ; )
This is the pattern I tied. It's slightly different than the one he tied but nevertheless, worked amazingly.

Quick videos of the catches on this bad boy. A tutorial will come when I come back from Henry's Fork.

This last video isn't caught on the DSM. In fact, I snagged the smallie but its size blew me away for the river. Awesome catch!

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  1. Great looking fly! Way to get them, brother! I need to start fly fishing for smallies too!