Monday, November 25, 2013

Update In Life!

Well, guys, I apologize for not blogging for some time. Been busy setting up a website for my business, Stone's Flies, getting wedding plans taken care of as I get married in 24 days as of this post, been tying a LOT of flies, and have been fishing as much as I can! On a more solemn note, I lost one of my closest and best friends to cancer. He was only 25. So, that's taken a toll on me.... My fiancee and I have been accepted to lease an apartment here in town, which is great, but reality is REALLY sinking in! : (

So, here's a little preview of what's been happening in the fishing world:

Just some of what I've been doing. As far as my personal life more specifically, well, like I said, just getting wedding plans taken care of and working my tail off! Very tired as I work nights and am looking for a better job here, soon. Lord willing I'll be working in the IT department of a local school here in town. For now, it's just the waiting game unfortunately. : (

My beautiful soon-to-be-wife! 
So, this is but a brief glimpse of what has been happening in my life. If you want to check out my website to support my growing business, please check out and if you would like, give my Facebook page a like, too!

Tight lines everyone! When I get into my new apartment, I'll be able to record more videos and actually work on a lot more stuff with no racket! : ) Hope you all look forward to that! Take care and tight lines! : )