Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Suckers on the Fly!

I've been itching to catch something larger than 6" ever since a carp took my fly last year in July. Right now, in April, the suckers and pike are spawning in large numbers all over the place. Thankfully, I have  a creek next to my house which has a little over a dozen suckers and about a half a dozen pike in it at the moment. I spent an hour on Sunday afternoon clearing out brush and junk from the creek to maximize my opportunities to catch and LAND one of these fish. Today, I was rewarded with 3 suckers, a first on my fly rod.

Here are three videos of me catching, landing, and releasing this fish. They are 3 separate fish. I got very excited and look like a crazy man especially since my attire in the videos are not very fishermanish. I hope you enjoy the same excitement as I had catching them as it was surprisingly hard to do.

This is the first of three. I thought my GoPro was going but no. I was kinda upset but in the end, it was okay. Gotta love my classy loafers and white socks with jeans! : )

Second video went a little better. This video is uncut. Shaky at times so my deepest apologies. I was a bit excited can't you tell? The fire department next door was wondering what was going on and paid me a visit. If you turn the volume up you can hear what they are saying. It's pretty funny as they think I'm crazy, which I am.
Third and last video of the night. Once again, shaky video so sorry about that. Still trying to figure out my new GoPro. The release was awful but the fish is still alive. : ) Still a blast to catch!

Overall, I know it's not much of an exciting blog post as in me going kayaking and fishing for the big one but nevertheless, it was so awesome to catch something that was literally in my backyard. Or front yard rather.

Tight lines everyone!

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