Saturday, September 22, 2012

New Camera!

So, I've been looking at getting a DSLR again for some time now. I had a Canon Rebel XSi and loved it! It was a great, light-weight, starter DSLR. I sold it to my friend for a trade of fly fishing gear/cash back in April. I was lonely without it and have been shopping for one for the past 5 months. FINALLY, after a long wait and search, I finally found one. The Canon Rebel T3i. I won't bore you with specs but you can find the specs here. The biggest thing that I absolutely fell in love with about the T3i is that it has a flip out LCD screen. SWEET! : D I am able to take some sweet shots without me lying on my stomach. Seriously. Fantastic.

I also had to revert to mobile to post because Blogger is acting up again. It may just be in my part of Michigan. Who knows....Very irritating because the times I want to write, I can't! So, I don't know. I may, once again, have to revert to e-mailing posts which makes the pictures really wacky. Oh well. enjoy! More posts on my gear coming soon!

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