Monday, September 10, 2012

Fly Tying Virgin

So, I went to Cabela's in Dundee, Michigan on Friday September 7. My goal was simple: to find some great deals and to buy a fly tying kit. I bough a Cabela's Three Forks 8wt fly rod for $40, which was a steal, 2 fly rod tubes for $7 a piece, and a simple fly tying kit for $50, which was the Cabela's brand, and some materials to tie some black wooly buggers. I spent a total of $130. I came out of the store a VERY happy man! : )

So, I left Cabela's after my girlfriend and I went to Applebee's for an early lunch. I got home, ran inside, cleared everything off the kitchen table, didn't even bother to read the directions, set the vise up, grabbed my Fly Tying Bible, and went to work tying some buggers. The first bugger looked terrible. Seriously, I swear a third-grader at an art class did this thing. It was that terrible.
My first fly that I tied.

First fly when wet.
Ok, so I may not be giving myself that much credit. I still feel like it looks terrible. I showed my parents and girlfriend. They were quite pleased especially since it was my first time ever doing something like this. It was not too hard per se, you know just getting used to it. The second one I tied turned out very nice...For a beginner.  : )
Second fly tied.
Overall, I am very pleased with my fly tying skills so far. I have tied almost a dozen black wooly buggers. I need to buy more tying material so I can tie different flies. If I am good enough, I may even sell them. Fly tying is loads of fun. It may take me a while because I want the flies to be perfect, but I enjoy myself every step of the way. More pictures and updates will be coming when I get more material and learn more things about tying flies. Cheers!


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