Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Adventure Begins...

Greetings ladies and gentlemen. I am very pleased that you are reading my blog whether by recommendation or perhaps you stumbled upon it randomly via search engine or via some social media site.

The purpose of this blog is to provide, like many blogs out there, adventures from my trips, information about what I have learned about fly fishing, camping, hiking, and other sorts of outdoorsy things, tips on where the best places are to fish in SE Michigan NW Ohio, and more! I am learning every day about fly fishing, spin cast fishing, trapping, skinning, fly tying, how to read the water, and do's and don'ts of the great outdoors. I am not going to lie. This information may be redundant to some but for me, some of this is brand new or somewhat new. I am always open to suggestions and help! So, please, feel free to comment and help me! I also may dabble in crafts i.e. I love to rebind books like taking the actual reading material out of the hardback book and replacing it with blank paper. Who knows? I may sell the journals or give them away to those who decide to just drop me a line. ; ) *hint hint* (No fishing pun intended there but it was a good one I might add.)

Well, there you go, folks. I hope this blog is a success. I really do. I may not live in Colorado, Idaho, or Washington where the greats live and catch gorgeous trout and carp but I do have my fair share of fish here in good old Temperance, Michigan. I hope you join and enjoy my blog!

Sam Stone

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