Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Kelly Galloup's Peanut Envy

I absolutely love to throw streamers. Unfortunately, I feel that I do not have as many opportunities to throw really big ones since I moved to Georgia. I still sell a lot of them on my website, Stone's Flies. However, of all the streamers much less articulated streamers, my all time favorite is the Peanut Envy. Why? It's simply a woolly bugger on steroids! The movement is incredible especially when fishing in a river. The marabou makes it breathe and really gets that fish's attention! Just an all around fantastic and relatively simple fly to tie!

Below is the tutorial on how to tie the Peanut Envy. I was extremely unsatisfied with the other You Tube videos as they really didn't describe everything in detail so I made my own fly tying tutorial! I hope you all enjoy!

Here are the colors that I tie as well as the materials that go with them. Note: you can get the barred sili legs from Cabela's. The Crazy Legs are from Hareline. Don't think you MUST get the same legs that I have listed. Experiment! Maybe you'll find or like something better than I have listed!

Grey - grey marabou, pearl ice dub, barred crazy legs minnow grey/black flakes, natural grizzly hackle

Black - black marabou, black ice dub, crazy legs black/red flakes, black hackle

White - white marabou, pearl ice dub, crazy legs white/silver flakes, white hackle

Orange - orange marabou, orange ice dub, barred orange crazy legs, orange hackle

Yellow - yellow marabou, yellow ice dub, crazy legs yellow/gold black flakes, yellow hackle

Olive - olive marabou, olive/peacock ice dub, barred olive crazy legs, olive hackle/olive grizzly hackle

Pink - pink marabou, pink ice dub, pink/pearl pepper crazy legs, pink hackle

Golden brown -  golden brown marabou, golden brown ice dub, pumpkin/olive black flake crazy legs golden brown hackle

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