Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New Places New Faces New Projects!

Hey guys. For those who follow this blog it's been some time and I apologize. I just got married a month ago, settling into our new place here in Georgia, and adjusting to work and living with someone else is quite the mouthful. I will say this though: I've never been happier. Despite the fishing down here being a learning curve, I'm very happy and blessed with so much.
In the next week or 2, I plan to post some really great and exciting things about fly fishing hacks and some fly tying videos so stay tuned!

Here's what's going down in the next few posts:

Adding a fighting butt to an Eagle Claw Featherlight rod.

Tying the Blue Assassin fly

Tying the White Lightning fly

Tying Galloup's Peanut Envy fly

This is just some of the things that will be taking place over the next month. That is if time allows it! Haha! I hope you guys enjoy what's coming.

Tight lines.

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