Friday, February 1, 2013

Baby Bugger!

I love to tie small wooly buggers. Why? They're fun to tie, cute (hey, I'm secure enough in my manhood to say things are cute), and work pretty darn well in any freshwater conditions not to mention you can tie them in a variety of colors in a variety of sizes and mix and match colors to provide a variety of effects and patterns. Good stuff! Honestly, they are my go to fly. On the smaller flies, I tend to tie them with a bit shorter tail to make them appear as if they are wooly worms but they are not.

This article, found here, talks about different materials to make the perfect baby bugger. I am super excited to try these out! It gives me an excuse to buy more material and to experiment! Enjoy and get experimental! Who knows? Your next fish may be the catch of your life!

Tight lines!

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