Friday, January 25, 2013

Fly Tying Business!

So, I have started a small hobby/business on Facebook called Stone's Flies. It's really taken off with the amount of people who like my page as well as people interested in my flies. My plan is to find a site that can host my flies as well as a shopping cart. I am very excited! It's keeping me busy but it's fun! I started to have giveaways at how many likes I have so it's great to bring in more people. My page launched on January 9 of this year so we'll see how well it takes off. Who knows? I may be the newest fly tyer in town! It has definitely made me learn more about tying as well as tips and tricks and more importantly, made me get better at my craft.

My parents and fiancée are very proud that I am taking steps to utilize not only my major but also my hobby into a business. I will keep you all posted on the happenings of my online business. Here's hoping someone buys my flies soon! : )

Here's the link to the page on Facebook. If you are interested in buying flies, I guess e-mail me @ with "Fly Order" in the subject line. I'll update this post in due time when I get a site up and running....That way it will make things a whole lot easier to order!

Tight lines!

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