Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dead Deer....Dead Deer Everywhere...

So, this year, I was really excited because I was planning on going deer hunting something I have never done before! Truth be told, I have never been hunting in my life! I have always wanted to do it but what has turned me off is that people don't truly "hunt" anymore but "bait" which, to most hunters, is not a problem. The hunters that do lay apples on the ground to lure in the deer obviously have no problem with this. Me, on the other hand, am very neutral on the subject. If you are out there just wanting some trophy 10 or 12 point buck and don't care about the meat, well, there's something wrong with you, personally. Hunting, just like fishing, to me is about catching or killing to eat because you a) want something better or different on your table or b) you are hurting for money and cannot afford that much meat.

Anyways, moving on to this hunting escapade of mine, there are deer all over the place in SE Michigan and NW Ohio. The only problem is this year, the weather has been so dry, the water has been stagnant. When there is stagnant water, the mosquitoes decide to visit and lay their eggs down. Not good. The deer then drink the water and the eggs because they're thirsty and they get sick with whatever virus and whatnot is in the mosquito larva. The deer then run around having, at least this year, bluetongue which apparently is all part of the West Nile virus. I have not read up on it enough but from hunters I have talked to on separate occasions say all the same thing. I have no clue where they get their information. For all I know they could be friends telling horror stories! : ) However, personally, from my own observation, I have noticed less and less deer in my backyard much less around the area because of very little rain. I mean, I have seen deer but they've all been dead. On the side of the road. It has been very discouraging from every outdoor activity this year in my area. The fishing has been terrible this summer from mid-June to the end of August into September. I just hope that the squirrels are prevalent in my yard so I can at least shoot something with my bow. I'm just itching to hunt much less fish. I know in northern Michigan and southern Ohio the fishing and hunting is great. In fact, a buddy of mine went salmon fishing a few weeks ago and caught a half a dozen beautiful salmon in the western part of Michigan.

Who knows. Maybe the winter will really bring in some good cold weather and fill the streams up. I mean it's raining as I type, which is fantastic but not so fantastic because tomorrow I plan to get engaged. I'm hoping for a beautiful day tomorrow much less a great winter and a fantastic spring and summer full of fishing this coming 2013! I will keep you all posted on the engagement! : )

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