Friday, August 24, 2012

I'm On a Kayak...

If you are like me and do a lot of shore fishing but want more freedom to reach them big ones out in the middle of the lake or just want to find some secluded spot to just relax, you can either swim, which I do not recommend, out to the middle of the lake with a life jacket, build a makeshift raft out of logs and vines, also not recommended but seems fun, or you can buy yourself a canoe or kayak. I myself bought a Field and Stream Eagle Run 12' kayak. It is very nice....I bought it at an extreme discount almost 75% off with the sale itself and coupons. Pretty amazing.
The kayak comes in 2 colors: red and camo. I choose to get red because I felt it suited me better and also if I was in a jam, it would stand out better. The kayak itself boasts a nice back compartment that has a water tight hatch. There are two rod holders, a nice adjustable backrest and seat, footrests that are adjustable, and it even supports 500 lbs! It only weighs 60 lbs to boot! Very nice if I say so myself. If you are in the market for a kayak, get this one. It is a great starter fishing kayak. I was considering getting the Future Beach Trophy 144 kayak but I declined since the Eagle Run boasted, at the same price, a larger weight capacity, which to me seemed more ideal. I know it seems like such a simple thing but I like the idea of being able to carry a lot more on the kayak. To each his own.
I have had the kayak for almost 4 months now, have fished from it on the Huron River at Dexter-Huron Metroparks and Sterling State Park and have noticed no problem with it thus far. In fact, it really glides, no better yet, flies on the water! My girlfriend, Lauren, can barely catch up to me and she's been kayaking for over a year! Even when going against the current in the Huron it flies. I think my only complaint is how thin the bottom of the kayak is. It is not much of a problem per se but if I want to keep it for years to come, which I plan to, I don't want the scrapes on the bottom to wear out the bottom in case I hit rocks. It has not become a problem but I just don't want it to, that's all. Overall, I personally give it 5 stars, a 10/10. It really is a great kayak.

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